2020 NBA Draft Prospect Breakdown

This upcoming draft might not have the buzz or a sense of excitement in years past, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find a hidden gem that could help your team get to the promised land. There’s not an obvious superstore or franchise chasing prospect in this draft, and most of the players at the top are either playing overseas and are injured or have decided to stop playing college basketball for the rest of the season. This has contributed to the lack of excitement for this draft class.There seem to be just as many international prospects that are projected to go in the first round, as prospects playing in college basketball. There still is a couple of series of college basketball left, but I believe we already know what most of these prospects can bring to the table on the next level.This is my NBA draft prospect top picks breakdown guide for the 2020 draft class

Anthony Edwards

Anthony Edwards – he’s one a few top prospects who are not injured or playing overseas. Edwards could be the complete prostate in this year’s draft. I don’t believe he can be a superstar on the next level, but he does have the potential to be a perennial all-star.

Edwards has one of the highest ceilings in the draft, and he just turned 18 last August. There’s a lot of room for improvement. He has the size and frame standard – 65 and weighing around 220 pounds. His game is in the same level as Victor Oladipo and Dwayne Wade, he has a handle and potential reach to score from anywhere on the court.

He’s got a quick first step that allows him to get to the rim relentlessly, and his frame will enable him to finish through contests even though he’s not shooting a high percentage from the field.
He does have a good shooting plan, a quick and very high release.

There were a few guys in the Maui Invitational where he got things going. He proved that he could get baskets and bunches. Edwards can take over the game and put his team on his back. He has good athleticism, he can play above the rim, and he’s proving to be a scorer, but he’s also a willing passer which is a good sign for a young player.
He carries so much of the offense aglow.

For Anthony, he isn’t asked to defend the best guard on the opposing team, but he has shown the ability to move his feet and stay in front of his man. But he doesn’t always keep up his defensive intensity for the whole game. Getting in better shape could help there.

Shot selection is also something he needs to work on going forward; he tends to force the issue a lot, and that could lead to a lot of bad habits.
Edwards is one of the most talented players in all the college basketball, he can do many things well, and he doesn’t have any significant weaknesses.
He will be in the discussion for the number one pick for draft projection. For Anthony Edwards, it’s a top-two draft pick.

Here are other NBA draft prospects to consider:

James Weisman

Memphis freshman Center James Weisman – it’s unfortunate that we won’t see the big man for the rest of the season after he decided to leave Memphis and prepare for the NBA Draft. I believe he showed just enough in the games he played to solidify his place at the top of the draft.

Wiseman has the ideal build for an elite center, he is 7 1 240 pounds with a report at 76 wingspans and a nine-foot three standing reach, and he has the momentum to add muscle over time. He had impressive stats, but he is still a raw offensive; his calling out a card during the game is his defense.

Although a small sample size, his size, and athleticism allowed him to average three blocks per game and averaged 11 rebounds per game. He should have an immediate impact on the glass and as a rim protector, but Wiseman has a long way to go on the offensive end.

The left-handed big man has a promising jump shot, but he must continue to improve on it
There are questions about how he will score on the next level.

Besides put backs and lobs he does show good footwork, but he doesn’t have the potential as a low post scorer, his overall offensive game is a work in progress when he plays against a more physical opponent.
Wiseman tends to settle for jump shots and let the defense off the hook. With a consistent jump shot, a lot of teams will take that in, but many scouts don’t project him as a franchise player. He has a lot to prove to become one of the top guardsmen in the NBA.

LaMelo Ball

LaMelo looks like he could end up being better than his brother Lanzo. The expectation around the league is that LaMelo won’t play another game overseas after injuring his foot in December.
LaMelo has advanced handles and passing skills that allow him to be one of the best combo guards in the draft. He has had several games where he was the best play on the floor and took over games.

He became the youngest player in the NBA to record a triple-double with 32 points 11 rebounds and 13 assists, and he had more than one triple-double this season.LaMelo has to prove he can shoot with consistency. He has a questionable shot release. His shooting efficiency is a huge red flag; that’s to put a cap on his ceiling. Another red flag is his defense, he gamble’s a lot, and for the most part, he is disinterested on his end of the floor.

It takes hard work and commitment to be good defensively, and LaMelo hasn’t proven that, even a little bit. And that has to change. LaMelo has some concerns as a prospect, but this youth size and elite vision need to be considered as one of the top drafts in the NBA.

JD McDaniels

Jaden McDaniels has slowly entered his name in the discussion to be drafted in the top picks. He has shown enough pretension to NBA scouts that he can be an impact player on the next level. He has elite height and lifts for a small forward, he is a highly-skilled offensive player and can be a real mismatch with his science ball-handling and shot-making. He has to keep improving this outside shooting, but he has been solid throughout his whole freshman season.

He has begun to take better shots and is a willing passer. NBA scouts are intrigued by his potential on defense. Also, he has made a difference in Washington with his rebounding and defense. His wingspan instincts and the ability to cover ground should translate easily to the NBA.

With a lot of prospects and with question marks McDaniels could hear his name called earlier than projected. He does have a history of being inconsistent during his senior year in high school, but if he can finish the season improving and being consistent he could be one of the top selections in this draft
He has a slight frame and could be pushed around in the NBA, and his strength is a must for him to reach his full potential

Deni Avdija

There were a lot of discussions with Deni coming into the season after leading Israel to an under-20 European Championship last summer, but his play this season has raised more questions than answers.
Some scouts were comparing him to Luca Doncic, which I think is ridiculous. Doncic is a once-in-a-generation type of talent, but that doesn’t mean that Deni can’t make a good play on the next level. He has the right size at 69 for a small foot; he’s a real team player and will do whatever it takes to win games.

I would say that Avdija at any one area can do a lot of things well, he has solid handles and has been able to create space, but he may struggle against the NBA defenders. He’s a good but not great shooter, and if his shot isn’t falling, he can contribute as a passer rebounder and make key rotations on the defensive end.

Den has been an excellent communicator and shown he can be a leader on the floor. He’s intangible with high basketball IQ. It is very encouraging for him as the overall prospect strength is something he needs to work on; also, he can’t get pushed around.
With trying to attack the basket on offense and tightening up, his handling and getting stronger could maximize his potential. He might not have All-Star potential, but he can be an essential piece on a good team.


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