Free agent JR Smith claims he’s better than 85% of current NBA players

Former NBA Champion JR Smith has recently said that he is better than 85% of current NBA players in a recent Q&A session which he hosted on his Instagram Story.

One fan asked JR “What inspires you to keep on going?” in which JR simply responded “knowing that I’m better than 85% of the players on the court”

This is a pretty rich comment considering JR hasn’t played an NBA game since November the 19th 2018, his last game in the NBA was played for the Cleveland Cavaliers before he was shut out of the team’s future plans before finally getting waived by the Cavaliers in 2019.

JR Smith only managed to average 6.7 points in his last few games with the Cavaliers before finally getting waived.

His last full season came back in the 2017-18 season where he also only managed to average 8.3 points while having played a massive 80 games.

JR Smith playing for the Cleveland Cavaliers / Getty Images

The Cavaliers 2017-18 playoff run ended at the feet of the Golden State Warriors, This was the series that brought the infamous JR Smith moment, in which he ran back to the half-court trying to run down the clock thinking that the Cavaliers had the lead when in fact they were in fact drawing the game. The reaction by LeBron during this play summed up the reaction of most NBA fans and the clip would later become a huge internet meme.

JR Smith has been linked to the Los Angeles Lakers and Houston Rockets in recent time but no organizations had firm interest it seems as it doesn’t look like the 34-year-old veteran will play again this season.

JR Smith had a decent NBA career in which he averaged 12.5 points, 3.2 rebounds and 2.1 assists in NBA 971 games.

He could still be of use to some contending teams due to his great three-point shooting, during his 971 NBA games so far the shooting guard averaged a three-point shooting percentage of 37.3%.

His best shooting season came for the Cleveland Cavaliers in 2015/16 where he managed to shoot a remarkable 40% from deep on 6.6 attempts from beyond the arc per game, he also averaged 30.7 minutes per game during this season. This was also the season that the Cavaliers won the NBA Championship vs an incredible Golden State Warriors team.

Another question that the guard was asked on his Instagram story if he would rather play for the Los Angeles Clippers or the Los Angeles Lakers in which JR replied: “They both ain’t call yet so” which further proves that the Lakers interest was mostly just rumors.

JR Smith during the iconic playoff moment / Getty Images

Although it was just rumours JR Smith to the Lakers would make a decent amount of sense, giving the Purple and Golds lack of three point shooting surrounding LeBron James and Anthony Davis, their only real elite three-point shooter is Danny Green who is coming off the back of his championship-winning season with the Toronto Raptors, Green is shooting well this season at 37.5% however last season with the raptors he managed to shoot an astounding 45.5%.


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