Iguodala Deal Secured By Heat A Day Before Deadline

It is absolutely thrilling to follow any transfer window in basketball. This time has been no different for fans and followers alike. Deals that seemed to be reaching a dead end somehow materialized while the presumably done deals couldn’t reach a positive end.

There were many reasons for this problem in this transfer window from the likes of LA Lakers being short on tradable assets.

The latest news coming in, though, is that Andre Iguodala has been traded to Miami Heat in a deal that has received mixed reactions in the basketball world. The deal, as of now, is seen to have been for a two-year period and has received the Iguodala’s nod as well with the addition of $30 Million extensions. This deal has, as already mentioned, received mixed reactions from the fans.

This, though, is not it and a lot is still going on behind closed doors as there seem to be blockbuster trades on the cards.

Robert Covington On His Way To Houston

Yes, this is the blockbuster trade we are talking about. There has long been talking of this trade being completed and it now seems to be on the cards. According to reports, the Houston Rockets, Atlanta Hawks, and Denver Nuggets have all agreed along with Minnesota Timberwolves for the deal. There doesn’t seem to be anything that can now derail a seemingly done deal but knowing the ripples of the market, you never know what is going to happen next.

Similarly, Minnesota is still not giving up on one of the biggest names still out there to grab, D’Angelo Russell. Clint Capela, reportedly, is also on his way to Atlanta this time around and this sudden ripple of transfers means that the entire NBA can respond in some time with the big names such as Russell still out there.

On the other hand, players that many might have expected to switch are reportedly staying. These names include one very talked about trade, that of Derrick Rose who now seems to be gearing up to stay at Pistons for the remainder of the season.

Tristan Thomas Now Available For Trade
In another major announcement, Tristan Thomas from the Cavaliers’ is now available for trade. Teams might be in pursuit for him and another done deal might just be on its way. The most talked-about trade rumors of D’Angelo Russell seem to have died down on many ends. Yet, the Warriors are listening to many trade offers for him and a deal might be on the cards with Minnesota in hot pursuit.This was it from the current rumors and updates doing rounds in the corridors of NBA. In order to learn more, all you need to do is stay in touch with the news. The deadline is close and it is now that some teams might choose to go after players with all their might. So, keep updating yourself and following every move your favorite players make.


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