Latest NBA Trade And Transfer Rumors

It is that time of the year when the NBA fans across the world hold their breath in anticipation as the transfer trade deadline comes closer. It also makes for great viewing as teams rush for last-minute contracts and players sit anxiously about their future.

Especially for the fans, this often turns out to be the case of their favorite player switching teams or those they admire ending up in the team of their choice. So, for all those basketball fans eagerly holding their breath, let us go a little easy on them and see how the top teams are looking at transfers currently.

Lakers Might Be Left Land Locked
The sudden demise of the legend Kobe Bryant has shaken the entire sporting world but the worst affected were those attached to LA Lakers. The legend played for them his entire life never once switching clubs, donning the numbers 8 and 24 that have now been retired. Yet, business is business and the show must go on.

The current Memphis Swingman, Andre Iguodala has been on their radar. The deal was well on its way to being completed but has been stopped by a salary problem and now looks unlikely to be completed.

Kyle Kuzma is another one of the names LA Lakers are interested in but the salary problem has again reared its head with Kuzma expecting a salary of $2 million and above. The reason why LA Lakers seemed to have been locked in a trap is the lack of tradable assets in their squad.

The Aggressive Business On The Part Of Clippers
Contrary to the land lock LA Lakers are stuck in, the clippers have been going about their business in a somewhat aggressive manner. They are eagerly looking forward to securing the signature of out-of-favor center Dewayne Dedmon from the Kings.

Kevin Love is also among there preferred targets but there is no confirmation about whether or not they want to go about these deals right now. One thing’s sure, they’ve definitely started talks and are intent on securing the above names in some time to come.

Iguodala is also being tracked by the LA Clippers with Robert Covington in order to strengthen their wings that have weakened and don’t seem to be stable anytime soon. In a nutshell, the LA front office is eager to get a deal done at the earliest.

Season Of Immense Possibilities

This season is being touted as a season with all kinds of crazy possibilities. Notwithstanding the lack of intent on the part of some big teams, there are many deals that can be done at any time before the window shuts. The fans of the NBA might very soon get a few unexpected news about one of these leading stories when it comes to transfers. So, hold your breath and keep following NBA news on the source of your choice and get updated as soon as a deal is done or an obvious transfer deal ends in an anti-climactic halt.



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